About Me

Image Description – Kimmy, a white woman with brown hair tied back into a poytail, is carrying her white daughter who has short brown hair, in a rainbow coloured ring sling, they are both smiling and a lake with lots of grass and trees surrounding it is in the background.

I am Kimmy (she/her), mum of two and stepmum to one. I started Mid Kent Babywearing to provide various services and resources for anyone interested in carrying their baby.

Since we started in 2016 we have recognised the need to expand this to include other aspects of parenting and I am training with Calm Family to provide expert support beyond Babywearing.

I am a Slingababy trained consultant, currently training with Calm Family Consultant, and a member of ACESL – Association of Carrying Educators and Sling Libraries. I am constantly expanding and updating my knowledge on all things parenting so I can help people in all sorts of situations. I have attended training on 4th Trimester, Skin to Skin/ Kangaroo Care, Biomechanics in Babywearing, Infant Feeding, and so many more! I have taken special care to be fully trained and qualified to make sure my knowledge is always as up to date as possible.

I am fully committed to giving independent advice to as many people as possible to find a comfortable and practical way to carry their children for as long as they want to. Through Maidstone Sling Library, Workshops, our Social Meets, and Personal Consultations.

Maidstone Sling Library is totally not for profit, which means all our money from hires and membership goes straight back into the Sling Library. Everyone involved in Maidstone Sling Library are volunteers, are passionate about babywearing and do this out of love! We hope to eventually make the Sling Library a CIC (Community Interest Company) and access funding to help more families, as it is really all about helping the community to carry their children safely and enjoy the benefits babywearing brings.

I am really looking forward to bringing the Calm Family Baby and Toddler Workshops to Maidstone very soon.

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